The Depression Era is a well known topic in American history. Also elsewhere people sought for solutions to deal with misery. These pickups show images of so called "Notgeld" (plight money) which were vouchers issued by local communities  across Austria to fight poverty and inflation after the 1st World War. I chose the vouchers of my hometown with a nominal value of 20, 50 and 80 Hellers.


The pickup itself is a humbucking Flatpup "Mini" for up to 4 strings with 6k turns of wire. Many hundreds of them were sold so far and power mostly shovel guitars of hard digging musicians :-)

Flatpup "1920" special

laser image
  • * only 48mm x 32mm x 4mm

    * shielded connection cable, approx. 30cm

    * humbucker wound coils 6k

    * laser engraved brass housing

    * mounting with glue or tape (not included)

  • All pickups are tested before leaving. Please check the pickup before mounting it. If it doesn't work as you expect it, you can send it back on your account and I will refund the money that you paid for it.

    If it stops working during a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery, you can return it to me and I return the money you paid for it, except the pickup broke due to improper use, e.g. by tearing out the connection wires or perforating the tape protected coils.

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