The Flatpup "Slim size" are prepared to rock! They can handle high gain and a lot of fuzz. When clean, they have a decent voice you wouldn't expect. The design is reduced to the max, leaving the smallest footprint at still 3.5k turns of wire. Available as 3- or 4-string pickup. Upon request, you can order them without dogears.


If you consider to put 2 or 3 Flatpup single coils on your guitar, please tell me and I make one flat pickup as reverse wound reverse polarity RWRP.


Please note: For administrative and bureaucratic reasons orders from Germany and the UK cannot be processed. I kindly ask for your understanding.

Flatpup "Slim" single coils

  • * metal housing, only 5mm in height

    * only 21mm broad (!)

    * length: 61mm (3-string) / 69mm (4-string)

    * shielded connection cable, approx. 30cm

    * single coil, 3.5k turns

    * two brass mounting screws included

    * Optionally dogears with 2 included brass mounting screws

  • All pickups are tested before leaving. Please check the pickup before mounting it. If it doesn't work as you expect it, you can send it back on your account and I will refund the money that you paid for it.

    If it stops working during a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery, you can return it to me and I return the money you paid for it, except the pickup broke due to improper use, e.g. by tearing out the connection wires or perforating the tape protected coils.

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